Omega Sane Foundry Machinery

We have factory having working area of 15000 sq ft with business offices at factory as well as in Pune city. The factory includes fabrication shop, machine shop, assembly & testing shop & paint shop. Entire working area is covered under overhead cranes.

 Sane Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
Sane Group was established by Mr. Bhalchandra Sane in 1980. During last 30-35 years we have handled several turnkey projects for foundries including hot blast cupolas, green sand plants, mould handling systems, molten metal pouring monorails, shell foundry automation systems, investment casting handling systems, no-bake foundry equipment, ladles, sand driers and many other tailor made machines.In 2009, we joined hands with Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd., UK and established a separate joint venture company by the name Omega Sane Foundry Machinery Pvt Ltd. for manufacture of no-bake foundry machinery. Since 2009, we represent in India, Vulcan Engineering Company, USA for their investment casting and fettling equipment .


Our Strength
We are established for a long time in the field of foundry machinery manufacture and have manufactured very wide variety of foundry machinery and turnkey projects. We have strong design department with experienced engineers, well equipped manufacturing facility, machinery testing facility, strong installation and service department and network of suppliers. The network of our suppliers facilitates manufacturing sub-assemblies including hydraulics, pneumatics, state of the art control panels and manufacturing processes including laser cutting, thermal stress relieving, dishing, tig and mig welding, all types of complex machining operations on CNC machines etc.


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